Posted on May 2, 2021

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"Basement Remodel Tips- Turn The Space Into A Bedroom Suite"

If your home has a basement, you can change the space into a more livable area. Many basements remain underutilized – as dark, wasted spaces where you rarely make any visits. Designed as underground storage spaces for things like food, wine, and water, today you can make the space more livable. Engage a basement remodeling contractor in Leawood to give you tips on how you can turn your space into a bedroom.

Brighten it Up

Basements tend to be dark and humid. Many people seeking to transform the spaces consider brightening them up. You can add windows, white walls, and bright lights. This way, you give the space that modern look you are seeking. You may even not realize that it’s the same basement space that has remained unutilized for years. You can add light-colored paint to the walls.

Give it a Cozy Theme

You may want to consider natural wood furniture to give the basement a cozy theme. More neutral color tones also serve well. Creating that comfy theme offers your guests an ideal place to unwind and feel at home. Hire a “basement remodeling contractor near me” to help change the basement space to a usable area.

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